Happy 5th Birthday Isla

About a year ago, by accident, I came across a facebook page Isla’s Fight with High Risk ALL  I read the “about” section written by Isla’s mum and with tears in my eyes, went to my kids’ beds as they slept and hugged them extra tight.  Blessed with three healthy children, I am reminded by the plight of parents like Sharon, Isla’s mum, to count my blessings.  So many children are dealt horrible blows like this and brave their way through such dramatic, physically draining and emotionally exhausting treatments in an attempt to be well again.  My heart goes out to them all and to their families.  I prey for a cure for cancer and for extra strength to those children and families doing it tough.
I feel so happy that triumphant Isla enjoyed her special birthday party with great gusto, enveloped by a huge bunch of family and friends who showered her with love…..and gifts!     The fabulous services of Candy Couture and Parties Wishes Kids Parties Perth were kindly donated and added that extra touch to make her day even more special, enhancing her chosen theme of Angelina Ballerina.

Unlike the photos of Isla suffering through her treatment, it was so delightful to see her smile like every child deserves on their birthday.

Happy Birthday to you, brave Isla!

Here are a few photos of her special day.

Just a little note that I don’t offer birthday party photography as a service at the moment.  I documented her party as my gift to Isla’s family.




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