Busy Behind the Scenes!

If you are here, you are awesome!  Thank you for hanging in there, even with this dog’s breakfast of a blogsite I have under construction. I love this colour scheme / style and will do my best to fix all the links and update my galleries as fast as I can.

I couldn’t wait to finish it properly and then relaunch it as having a half baked bloggie, was better than then woefully drab blog I had previously.

I have deliberately booked my shooting calendar to be light the last few weeks, for a few reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to dedicate a bit more time to get my children settled into school, I did some more training, I held another DSLR Beginners workshop and VERY importantly, I needed a breather to work on the boring business side of things after a ridiculously crazy end to my year, in which I really didn’t have time to enjoy Christmas at all!.

I’ve spent the last two years, working on improving my photography, lighting, posing, location scouting and editing and am so pleased to be where I want to be in that area, but my paperwork / selling side of things has been in need of improvement!    I’ve been shooting my heart out, finding my style, and polishing my editing, receiving mentoring and I mean REALLY learning a lot.  Perfecting (if there is ever such a thing – probably not!) editing alone is something I’ve invested 3-4 hours a night in for the best chunk of two years.  I’ve officially registered with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers as an emerging member, and am working on becoming fully accredited within the next few months.

I’ve had a little print price list I’ve been plugging away with, but I know I’d much better service my clients by having Print Collection suggestions, and I’m pleased to say, I’m almost there now!   After a drawn out agonising thought process, it’s feeling good and feeling right!  I’m in the process of testing software to make selections easier for my clients and am preparing my home studio to make it a special place to visit and feel welcome.

I’ll write another post soon and explain exactly what I do as a photographer and why it’s important to me that client’s understand and have realistic expectations of professional photographers.   I love photographing children and families more than doing anything else (the fact I cherish my role as mummy to my children, of course is a given!).  I plan to be doing this for the long haul and I am so excited that so many people want me to photograph them and their families.  Seriously, I always get all giddy each and every time someone new makes contact with me!
I now need to finalise my print collections so my clients are thrilled  and I also make enough to justify me working as hard and with the dedication I have now.  If my hourly rate was to be less than the school kids on the checkouts at the local grocery store (and you may be surprised for how many photographers this is sadly the case) I just know I wouldn’t be able to keep doing this. It wouldn’t be fair to my family or me.  This would just be an expensive hobby!

So, with all that said, I’m off to catch up on a bit of beauty sleep and let my sub-conscious finish off some more of my pondering.





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