How much will it cost?

Session Cost (not including prints)

Family or Children Portrait (up to 5 people)


Newborn including parents and sibling(s)


More info on what to expect at our session.


After our session, I very carefully select the best (at least) twenty images and edit them to magazine quality standard to be presented to you at a viewing / ordering session at my custom purpose home office in Winthrop.   This usually takes approximately two weeks from our session to allow time for printed proofs, but I’ll always try to accommodate you where needed.

We view a slideshow on a large Wall mounted TV as well as 6×4 inch prints so you can get a very realistic idea of colour and outcome. Most of you have young children so I make sure there are toys / snacks for them and they can feel at home while you do the decision making over coffee and Tim Tams.

I have a variety of frames as well as some canvas in different sizes hanging on walls around you with easy to understand pricing options.   When I first started out a few years ago, I just used to offer online galleries, but I quickly found this was doing my clients a disservice.  They wanted and NEEDED my help in selecting images, combinations of images and sizing that suited them best.  If you’re going to go to all the trouble and expense of hiring a professional photographer, it seems a waste to never get around to printing because you just can’t decide.   I specialise in producing large wall art, but can also offer albums / mounted gift prints and an assortment of nice things I see along the way.    I’ll send you an info sheet on things to consider prior to our viewing / ordering session.




Print Costs

I print using only the highest archive quality professional print labs and well established and trusted framers in Perth.

My prices are substantially lower than some large well known photographic studios (to my knowledge we use the same printers / framers), and substantially more than new starting out shoot and burn photographers providing a bunch of photos on disk. I am more than a hobbyist. I need to actually pay for all this gear, software, insurance, association memberships and continuous training!


Because I know as a person comparing and contrasting different photographers, you may wonder why on earth such a huge price variance.   Only if you feel you’d like an insight from a Professional Photographer’s perspective, here’s a piece I wrote on Why Genuine Professional Photographers can’t and shouldn’t provide only cheap “all images on a disk” to their clients.






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