I’m a people photographer, addicted to prettiness, particularly the romance of French style. I was born in Holland and feel most comfortable when surrounded by demonstrative affection…and cheese. When I was ten, I won my first camera in a painting competition. The French have a term which I truly adore and it sums up what I love and am drawn to in people –  Joie de Vivre, The Joy of Living.  I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband and three sons who turn up the love on a daily basis.  I’m a little chatty, write a lot, have my music too loud, love to dance, am kinda touchy feely and have been known to hug strangers spontaneously.  People who know me well would say I’m a storyteller who gets really excited really easily.  I suppose I’m a little emotional.

I seek clients who will open their hearts and minds to allowing me to capture the real them. And when I say “real” I mean the most beautiful version possible.  The person inside of them wanting to be revealed in a way they would want most to be remembered.